Why are some boys still using manual razors in the 21st century

Boys who often use electric razors may have a common feeling, that is, repeatedly shave, but still can not completely shave, even if it is pressed firmly against the skin, there is always a thin layer of scum that cannot be shaved.

Why use a manual shaver if there is an electric shaver?

①The manual shaver has a cleaner shaving effect

The most important thing for boys to shave is clean. Electric shavers always have a certain distance from the skin due to the blade head, knife net and other reasons to protect the skin from being cut. This result is safe, but it can never be achieved. A clean shaving experience.
In contrast, manual razors that frequently change the head are sharper and cause less damage to the hair follicles during shaving. This can be intuitively compared through the cross-sections of the two types of beards after shaving.

②The electric shaver is not as clean as you think after washing
When the electric shaver is used, skin oil enters the inside of the cutter head along with the knife net. If you do not frequently clean or replace the cutter head, it will cause bacteria to grow and even cause skin allergies and other problems.
In contrast, manual razor blade cleaning is more convenient, and because the blade is cheap and frequently replaced, it is not prone to problems such as bacterial growth.

③Manual shaving is the most compelling life ritual for boys

Advantages of manual shaving:

1. It has a good shaving feel, and when used with shaving foam, it feels very smooth.

2. The cleaning power is strong, and the cleanliness far exceeds that of an electric shaver.

3. There is no noise from electric shaving.

4. Small size, easy to carry, no need to charge.

5. The price is relatively cheap, and the replacement cost is low.

6. Girls feel that boys who use manual razors are more sexy.

Manual shaving steps:

①Apply shaving foam to the beard area after cleansing. The shaving foam can make the face smoother and smoother, reducing the irritation of the blade to the skin;

②Use a razor to slowly slide down the sideburns, upper lip, chin and other parts, repeat the same part 1~2 times;

③Wash the residual shaving foam and beard residue on the face, apply aftershave lotion with your hands to calm and reduce inflammation on the skin, and then perform daily skin care steps.


1. Shaving in the morning is better. After the beard grows overnight, it is most suitable to shave in the morning;

2. Shave in the direction of beard growth. There is no need to shave from different directions, it is easy to shave the beard too short, and eventually the beard will be formed;

3. Do not shave before bathing. Many boys take a shower directly after shaving in order to save trouble. There are many tiny wounds on the skin just after shaving. At this time, the skin is more fragile and sensitive. If you bathe immediately with hot water and use some care products, it is easy to cause discomfort in the shaving area, such as Sensitive redness, inflammation, acne, etc.;

4. Pay attention to aftershave care. Many skin wounds are invisible to the naked eye after razor shaving. After shave and other products should be used to clean the skin to prevent infection and inflammation.